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Reaching Out


Maba was born in May 2017 with the best looking raw Shea Butter with a lot of caring to detail and product safety to all those concerned with skin and hair issues.

Our team worked many hours to meet our customers' demand for new products to complement their skin and hair care range,
In addition to the wonderful distinctive shea butter, we now have a variety of the best and finest types of butter, oils, wax and other raw materials necessary to make the most beautiful and finest skin and hair care products.

We aim to create a revolution in the field of hair and skin care by helping and training you to make you just as you prepare your own healthy meal, you can also prepare your skin and hair food with an endless number of amazing body lotions, eczema and acne ointments, masks, soaps, serums and  Baby products and much more...

We believe that creating skin and hair care products is not the preserve of the chemist or even the big companies.

You will feel a lot of happiness and satisfaction when you make your own care products to your liking with the highest quality and at a much lower cost than usual.

Mapa are always happy to help you by providing the finest materials, training and useful advice in an atmosphere of joy and fun.

 Thank you for choosing Mapa.

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