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Natural Diaper Rash Cream

Have you read your baby’s diaper rash cream label lately?
Well, we have and we decided that we can do a better job by hand-picking a handful of high quality ingredients, mixing them up and slapping them on that cute little baby’s behind. It’s a natural diaper rash cream recipe you can easily create yourself. So, here it is:





  1. Add all oils to the glass mixing bowl. Use low speeds to start.

  2. Blend all ingredients together.

  3. Continue to whip the oils until peaks start to form and you have a light, fluffy consistency.

  4. Add the Zinc Oxide powder slowly and blend it in.


Apply cream liberally to diaper rash and cover all nearby areas as well.
This natural diaper rash cream recipe is a favorite among DIY mommas! Make it as an all natural gift for a baby shower, or just use it on your own little one. Baby’s bottoms are sensitive, so it is best to avoid using products from the store that may have chemicals and other undesirable ingredients. In conclusion, making your own diaper rash cream recipe is better than picking one up at the store. It’s a lot cheaper as well!

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