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Welcome to Mapa, a highly recognized Beauty Shop since 2017. , MaPa has earned a reputation for pampering and beautifying the community members of Egypt. We are committed to providing you with high quality products at incomparable prices as well as with the service and attention you deserve. Give us a call and make your day so much better.

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How to Make Shea Butter Sunscreen

With summer around the corner, we want to refresh our information with the dos and don'ts of sun exposure and how to minimize sun burns. Sunscreen becomes a staple of skin care at this time of year, and while there are many options you can grab from your local store,...

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“I never thought I had beautiful skin until I started using Better Shea Butter products. I’ve always had terrible dark spots on my face, shoulders, and lower back.  I started out using the ivory unrefined organic shea butter alone. It made my skin glow and feel so smooth. I loved it. And the service was great too!“

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